The Taylor family were the sole bonefishing guides on Long Island and the premier bonefishing guides in the Bahamas for decades. Their knowledge and expertise were passed down from generation to generation. The Taylor family, through grandson, Jed Pratt, is continuing this legacy and tradition to the highest order.

Jed Pratt is the best bonefish guide I have ever seen or heard of. Jed learned his craft from his great grandfather, his grandfather and uncles. He has taken all they had to offer and is constantly improving on it. I have never seen anyone produce results under the worst conditions like Jed. It’s a constant that Jed produces fish when everyone else is shut out and I mean blanked. I have seen him produce 20 hookups when all the other guides didn't see a bone. His sole purpose is to surpass your highest expectations. Allow us the opportunity to show you what I mean. You won't be disappointed.